Mission & Vision

Our goal is for companies to have healthier,  happier, more effective employees which will  result in reduced incidence of disease and  overall healthcare spending.

As you will see from the following biographies and testimonials, Weiser Choices has cherry-picked 10 leading health coaches from the the American Association of Drugless Practitioners-certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

When you and your employees sign-up for our 6-month program, you will each complete a basic health survey. This survey will enable us to give each of your target employees a specific group of 3 coaches to choose from. Each person’s coach will be their single point of contact for the 12-session program (with some outside help for a Health Food Store tour and Cooking Demonstration).

To ensure that each employee receives coaching that is most appropriate for his or her needs and most likely to lead to life-changing results, each coach will regularly consult with our hands-on management team.

To address needs of all sizes, we have a large pool of superbly trained health coaches to draw upon as well as formal selection criteria in order to place the most gifted coaches with your company.