Jennifer Kaye

Prior to becoming a health coach, I earned a BA from Dartmouth College in Economics with an emphasis in Public Health and an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.  I previously worked as a Consultant at Bain & Company across the Private Equity, Consumer Products, and Financial Services sectors, led product marketing at a technology start-up and worked in healthcare investment banking for Hambrecht & Quist/ JPMorgan Chase.Read Full Bio

Testimonial Excerpts

I discovered many things about what certain foods and habits did to my mood, body and well-being.  The best part is, I am still learning the effects of certain foods and what they can do to me but now I have the resources and knowledge to pay attention!

Along the way, I have learned to enhance and upgrade” my family’s meals without them noticing that a change has been made.  As a mom of three boys ranging from 8 to 16, I find I am getting better at helping them make healthy food choices and know I’m laying the foundation for life-long habits.  My youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes four years ago, and this program has equipped me so I can help him live a healthier lifestyle until a cure is found. 
–– LaVerne, Princeton, NJ
Administrative Manager, Bain & Company

Jenn also encouraged me to make several small changes like drinking more water, paying more attention to the ingredients in what I buy, eating more vegetables, and these have become very much a daily part of the way that I eat.  She took me grocery shopping at a natural food store and gave me several good recipes - and I can absolutely say I cook more and buy better foods than I did 6 months ago.  But beyond the food part of the equation, I often found myself just simply talking with Jenn about what was going on in my life beyond what I was putting into my mouth.  Through this, I began to see powerful connections between my life, work, stress and diet, and also started to see the power of habit how your changing habits can begin to change your perspective.

Working with Jenn also made me more aware of how I use food to manage stress at work. I found it especially helpful that Jenn could relate to the stress of a corporate environment and was never judgmental but always supportive and creative providing a thoughtful idea for managing the stress beyond reaching for the latest sweet treat.

–– Katie, New York, NY
Professional Development Manager, Strategy Consulting Firm


Working with Jenn gave me the chance to listen to myself and get in touch with things I could be doing, some big, many very small, to improve my health, stress level and happiness.

 –– Mariangelica, Tampa, FL